Bring Education Out (BE OUT): Guidelines and Best Practices

Guidelines and Best Practices for Filming and Photography with a Cellphone

1. Prepare your device

  • Please make sure your device is charged before proceeding.
  • If using an iPhone, change your camera’s video recording settings by following the steps in the images below. (These steps may look different if using an Android or other device)
  • Frame Rate and Resolution: Record video at 1080p at 30fps

  • Turn on Grid (may be unavailable on devices other than iPhone)

  • Change the aspect ratio
  • We are looking for an aspect ratio of 16:9

After configuring these settings, they will be saved the next time you open your camera.


2. Set-up Your Subject

  • Prepare to film or take photographs by having a good idea of your subject or video before you start to record.
  • Neaten or tidy the area whenever possible.
  • Natural lighting is preferable (ex. Outdoors on cloudy days or indoors with windows nearby)
  • Do not film in a dark room or an area with low light
  • Framing for film and photography: Take close-medium framed photos or video as seen in the image below. Widely framed video and photos are acceptable when a lot of the setting/subject needs to be captured in a single frame.

3. Get Ready to Film

  • For best results, use a stand or a tripod for stable footage – If you are using a selfie-stick, do not use it hand-held.
  • Do not film yourself while holding the camera with your hands.
  • If your subject will be moving and a static video is not possible, hold the phone horizontally with both hands. Lock elbows into the body to avoid shaking.
  • Do not use zoom!
  • Do not take very close-up photos or video.
  • Film: Set up your camera at a 90 degree angle from the ground.


  • For the best video footage, align your subject on the intersections of the grids on your camera screen.
  • For the best photos, either align your subject on the intersections of the grids on your camera, or in the center of the frame.


  • Film horizontally: if you are filming with your phone as your camera, turn your phone from vertical to horizontal.
  • Do not film vertically!

4. Record/Capture!

–     After configuring your camera settings, planning what your subject, and preparing your camera, it’s time to film and take photos!


5. Preselect your footage

  • If you have taken multiple photos or videos, watch your videos to pre-select the best takes. This helps to keep your uploads/emails small.
  • Your contact or coordinator will have information on how and where to upload/send your footage or photos.